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Heartland Bible Institute is a four year course of study to prepare men and women to serve the Lord Jesus Christ at the highest level.
The training is conducted by current pastors of Heartland Baptist Fellowship who have a combined 100 years in the ministry.
The courses are theological, doctrinal, and practical and ensure the student has all they need to lead ministry, plant a church or serve on the global mission field.

    Available courses

    Discipleship II picks up where Discipleship I ended. D-II is a classroom based course that delves further into doctrine, examining several key doctrines that open up the Bible in a way that many have never experienced in the past. Students find themselves immersed in rich doctrinal studies, practical ways to incorporate Bible principles into everyday life, and they develop confidence in their understanding of the Bible.

    The goal of Discipleship II is to equip you in the word of God so God can engage you in the work of God.

    To gain knowledge in how to creatively teach adult students

    A verse-by-verse study. The richness of this gospel provides broad doctrinal and inspirational backdrop.

    An analytical study of the book of Acts that examines the foundations and early development of Christianity. Particular attention is given to the transition from Israel to the Church and Paul's role in the dispensation of grace.

    The biblical basis for rightly dividing the Word of truth is studied in contrast to the systems of cult theology. Detailed study of the logical and biblical extension of premillennial theology into a dispensational framework and the biblical covenants concludes with a study of eschatology or the end times truth.

    A study (mostly verse-by-verse) of the Minor Prophets. This course covers practical and doctrinal aspects of the books of Hosea through Malachi.

    This course focuses on enriching (enhance, add beauty, improve, make more fertile, perfect, refine) marriages through solid teaching and instruction out of God's Word, as well as participation from each student.

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